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Profit From Your Hobby

Profit from your hobby? oh what a wonderful word if you really do make it out from any of your hobby. and just always remember that your hobby played a lot of the most important rule in your life because through this, your life can get change with no bother at all, and only you can do that. well let's start counting the profit that you make from your hobby. let's say if you are a dressmaker how much money you make in just one day? let's calculate it mathematically. if you work full time or even part time lets see how much you are making.

If you are working 8 hours a day, but i am talking about working with your own self, no boss nothing at all. just you only is the boss. in every clothes design you are producing a dozen of it. in 1 hour maybe you can finish 3 clothes, that would be multiply by 8 hours, so you are making 24 clothes in 1 day. and how much you sell that for each?

If you're selling $5 each multiplied by 24 clothes, so are earning $120 a day? then multiply it by 5 working days. so you are making $600 a week minimum and that's good because the more you make it in a day the more profit you'll be having. and of course it's just a matter of getting the deal with the shops to whom you want to deliver it to sell your product and then. if that would work, you might have to think this, that you maybe expand your business because it is growing now. so all you have to do is just hire some people to work for you.

See the difference of working by yourself? everybody started to work by themselves and started from scratch, until slowly, slowly your business grows, and of course you make lots of profit. so just do it with a hard effort and put passion on it, that's the only mixture we need if you want to get success in business.

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