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Make Money With Your Hobby

Make money with your hobby, does it make sense to you? well i guess so. you know the only thing to make money is the only thing that you know, because you can't just say that i make money through the effort of others, but in this case, it's a different scenario this one, because we said to make money out of your hobby.

Oh well, i know that every individual is different and unique but can maximize on what you have know, like for instance i love to sing, to paint, and to write. well in that case in order to make money, you have to develop it more and more until you get used to it. like if i love to sing, i would develop that so that i would make money on that in the future. but to do that, you have to do lots of practice and then participate in the singing contest and in that way, you can do your best as much as you can and try to aim to win and then the more you go the higher you aim in the future. and who knows, that maybe one day you would record your first single album and that's the starting point of your goal now. and that means you can make money now through your singing career.

And about the painting and writing, more or less it's the same way of improving and you must have to participate in any form of competition so that you can enhance better your ability and that would be very good for you to develop. and would be better for you to participate, i am sure that one day there's a good fortune waiting for you. but relax don't go in a hurry! and did you know the turtle story? they said that it is too slow to move the turtle but don't judge that, because wherever he go he is 100 percent sure, and the conclusion is? move it slowly slowly but surely, that's it that's the main thing.

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