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Football Training Drills

Soccer, are considered as the best game in the field of football, because most of the people like it because the game is very professional like. it's just because the way how the rules of the games, that's why and if you are familiar with soccer, you noticed that there hasn't much body contact from the players. and speaking of this game, coaching is a part of this game too because without the coach the game can't run. and like for instance, did you hear the coach name, ancelotti? well he's a very good coach in AC Milan Team.

I know there's a lot of different names for soccer but they all have they same meaning, like socer and all of this field have different category like barclays premiership barclays premier league sydney fc new york red bulls and apart from that, everything and even a small thing has an origin like in football they have the football origin and now they are started to have the plan for the next event in soccer. and they have these as follows for the, 2014 world cup and also each participant are preparing very well now for the next event and they have the plan now for the world cup schedule and the world cup games and with this type of game you can consider that there are lots of effort for the players like for example in cesc fabregas if i'm not mistaken he's one of the most favorite player to play soccer in europe. and it's player have he's own style of playing like what they call as the bicycle kick and you would be really surprise on what can a player do in order to win the game. and you can find out more and keep updating for the world cup 2014 and also you can find out more on the updated news in the online football manager , and in general, the major sponsor of this game is nike mercurial


Ancelotti is one of the best coach in one of the strongest soccer team in italy, named AC MILAN. he did very well in the ac milan club football soccer team. and the club win few times even in the world cup competition. and as what they say, if you've got teamwork better you succeed more, and that's true. and for now ancelotti is coaching chelsea soccer team in england. and did you know what they'd been using to play with? well the play,


Soccor comes from the english word called soccer, it means that still it's a kind of football game, where everybody loves to play and of course at the same time to make money as well and this would give you much opportunity to develop yourself if you are a good player. i know you love soccer too because most of the people likes that game.

And with this kind of activity, since that they are worldwide, what do you think is the one missing in here in order for you to get updated with the game? of course the television is the best approach for this matter? and it's only those who are qualified to broadcast with this games like,

sky sports news

Sky sports news is one of the official media to do some live coverage in any sports. they're the one who bring the latest update reports on sports, like football (soccer), tennis, car race and any type of sports events, because that is there commitment in the public or in other words that's their job.

For example in the field of football they reported something about the,

football fixtures

Football fixtures, have you heard about this one? just recently we heard more negative thoughts about this that there is something going on this particular games especially soccer. but they said that usually this was just happened in between the players and the outsider who is a master minded and instruct probably the good player not to do good. but the club has fixed them all up and there is nothing serious things that's going on this, despite of the suspension of the other clubs. but they're all right now and fix.

And while football is the game to all ages, some of the clubs create an organization like,

MYSA ( Youth And Community Service)

MYSA is another organization of each country that they have sports to play, like football(soccer) but this organization is intended only and mostly for the youths who really like to play soccer. and then, they can develop themselves a high quality of learning through this sports and this would give them a chance to compete to the other nation and also they can bring a good name to their country as well, which is good.

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