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Outdoor industry jobs is just a kind of searching for a job it could be in the net. and i am sure that you can find a job plenty through the net, all you have to do is just make an application and then follow it up and who knows maybe you will be qualified and then you get the job. another thing also to find a job is, to look into the daily local newspaper because there are some job listing in the employment section of the newspaper, and few such company publish their vacancy for that position in the journal.

And also the internet is the best way how to get the employment section but be aware of the scams because to many of these in the web now, they tell you that you earn this much and in response that they would get your processing fee and then no job comes on you, in short they just want your money anyway, and then they will switch off on you after and then they would move on to another victim. it's best if you would apply it locally and if you knew someone overseas? why not asking them to help you find a good job for you? that would suits your qualification? that would be a great help to as well.

But at least you feel secure because it's come from someone that you know who recommend you for that job. but while you're on in the internet, just help yourself and try to find out and dig more dipper about that company that you are applying for because at least you have the idea about that company and hopefully that the person you knew would not make you fool. and just keep trying and apply as many as you can so that you have lots of chances afterwards, in other words, it just only by yourself can resolve about this matter and nobody else except you.

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