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Facebook? believe it or not they're going too far now through the age of computer. because now a days everybody loves to use this most wonderful and terrific tools in the field of computer. and i know that this particular web site invites lots of people to access their site because of the free tools to sign up and log in and once, you've got already an account to this site, there are lots of choices for you to use with this particular sites and no limits and you can do what you like. like for example you want to post some photos in your account and you can post it as much as you want until you consume the whole lot that which is impossible because i think this is an automated site that once you reach the limit it's either you delete it yourself some files or the computer will sweep it for you when the time comes.

And also you can share photos to your friends too,others share personal things and most of the times especially teen age people now a days are using this facebook website for some announcement like having some birthday party and many more. and most of the time this will turn into bad things because there are lots of people out there are hungry to make a trouble when the feel like.

But i suggest that as far as we are concern it's either we like it or not we have to accept the reality that those olden days are completely gone versus these generation. and that won't come back anymore, because today's generation is computer age now and as what you can see young and old likes to use computer for so many reasons. but to be honest it's good to have this things but i am hoping that people these days should use it in a proper manner. please don't use it if you have bad intentions. and we really don't know who are these people exactly.

So please, users beware with these kind of people and if you don't know them? don't answer them or the best is ignore them and that you would be safe. just try to look after your interest only and forget those other people out there because they are not your friends, i am sure they are your enemies. so take care guys. because there are lots of things happened when people use this site and most of the times they disappear just like that and you didn't know what happened. i feel sorry to hear those who are victims of the bad elements. so each of us please take care in every steps you do. and that's all i can say for now.

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