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Christian Outdoor Games today in our generation is rapidly growing compare to the old stone age. people now these days are more liberated than before. but still you can find few people who are old fashion, like for them they doesn't like a noisy area so that's why most of the time they always go to a certain area where they can find it quite like:

1. Going into the top of the hill where they can perform their meditation peacefully, somewhere that nothing much crowded for people and vehicle. so they might go to the retreat areas where you could find most of the religious people go there.

2. Good for this type of games or activity is where you can fine something in the nature, like watching the fog on top of the hills, seeing big trees and more hills around as well and more birds singing.

How wonderful to hear all these type of creatures and you can tell yourself how you like to feel and embrace them by the power of your most loving arm, so that's why this games are more popular to all religious people. and you might wonder that if all the people think like what you think? well the world will be nice and lovely too because nothing much trouble.

You can also go through the bridge where you can see the current of the water flow under the bridge or even in the lakes, or rivers and in that case you can really have a self meditation and in that you would feel good.

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